Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Hear The Silence

I hear the silence
the harmonies, the music
of the sun by day
of the stars and moon by night
I hear the melodies of the firmament in vistas near and far
the rustle of leaves, 'tis the dance of winds
'tis the call of flowing waters
the resounding cresting waves
the thunderous rains echoing from afar
the songbirds heralding the dawn
I hear the silence
the wisdom of the ancients
ALL is sound and ALL is silence
the PRESENCE be known
the rapture be felt
the WORD proclaims its TRUTH.

Rose Marie Raccioppi


  1. The sound of the rain - the orchestra of Creation, rain onto garden, trees, and my window, the touch of sound sublime, this very moment.

  2. The post in regard to the recorded sounds of the sun has put me in a spin of ecstasy - a divine frenzy - such a deep validation of my life's work in the development of APOGEE Acu-Tone™ - - a destiny defined when I was but 7 years of age...this the time present. Yes, the silence speaks the wisdom of ALL time ~ Eternal be our Glory.

  3. It is raining in Tappan, New York

    Summer Rain

    A longing answered
    A hankering thirst satisfied
    The jubilation of tree and brush
    The rejoicing of garden and grass
    So welcomed are these melodies
    Falling rain and gentle winds
    Such is the libation
    And known be the gratitude
    This a Summer rain.

    APOGEE Poet

  4. So very pretty Rosie, it got me looking into so many of your pages.....
    a hankering for all of you! The way you put your words together,
    the dance.... you are the dance! Sometimes tribal..... other times the ballerina..... always interesting, life affirming, beautiful Rosie.

  5. Clare, Thanks for hanging out in this end of town. Yes, I do enjoy the play of words. And to have a playmate willing to join my ventures - Well- that is total delight1 Love to you dear friend.