Monday, July 12, 2010

Crowned By A Lambent Blue Sky

The graying weathered cedar fence
Grasped by the many green vines
Aging wood and new blooms
Light beaming through the towering trees

Dancing shadows upon waters a flow
The light of the sun upon pond aglow

The chirping melodies of birds now near
Markings of white, gray, yellow, black, orange, red
Fish of many seasons past
Fish of this season new

Koi and goldfish before me in swimming array
Such be the gifts of a July summer day

Upon a wood crafted chair I do sit
Upon a wood crafted table I take to pen
The gentle sway of lithe cane and leaf at my side
The feel of the warm summer breeze upon my face

A dove perches on the low branch of the Birch tree
Showing itself in beauty and in flight before me

The sounding of water flowing from the bamboo fountain
The gentle ripples and bubbles hold the light of the sun
The flutter of fins as I approach the pond
Feeding ever so welcomed

I cast koi and goldfish food and responsive they be
Such be the gifts this day brings to me

The rhythmic sounding toil of the swing next door
The sound of a child's scamper upon the dry grass
The trill of the songbirds in choral melody
The quickened pace of the squirrel in search

Brilliant white clouds gently rolling on high
And I crowned by a lambent blue sky.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Lambent Blue Sky, Sunday in July, Photo, PFR, Collectible Clicks, ©Rose Marie Raccioppi, 2010.
click on image for a beautifully enlarged view

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  1. Today's poem speaks to all that accompanied me when I was in my back garden and at my pond. I purposely created a pattern of 4 lines of free verse, symbolic of the freedom of the four directions, followed by 2 lines of rhyming, symbolic of a harmonic union. And so is shared a love affair with the very state of BEING this July afternoon.