Saturday, June 5, 2010

Special Roses ~ by Grace

At my front door there does grow
Two beautiful rose bushes in a row

Sweet candy is their special smell
Beauty is the story they tell

Thorny may their branches be
Careful, they do not hurt me

When the wind blows a rose in bloom
Petals upon the ground come real soon

I gather the petals and off they fly
Spreading their joy up to the sky

Upon the ground they do rest
Yes, the Rose, a flower I love the best.


Today, inspired by the rose bushes in bloom in her front yard, Grace, a six year old student, shared the delight of her pink roses with me, providing all that is presented here of her playful encounters with her special roses, and together the poem, "Special Roses" was created. Indeed a delight!

A full account at: APOGEE Learning: Teaching and that Seizable Moment

Rose Marie Raccioppi

"Bonica" Light Pink Roses Photo, David Beaulieu, Guide -


  1. Hi Rose Marie-

    Wow, a beautiful six year old child and truly an "old soul" a prodigy, if you will. :-)

    and you who brings out the light in all -

    Love to you
    peace and hope

  2. Dear Gail,

    Grace told me about her 'special roses' and upon inquiry - what do they smell like, feel, etc... - her words, our joy and there it was... "Special Roses."

    A fuller account on:

    May this day be a flower of blessings...

    Much love,

    Rose Marie

  3. Wow! This is beauty!
    "I gather the petals and off they fly
    Spreading their joy up to the sky!" I can see you, here :)

  4. Tamarind, It was such a joyful exchange of impressions, feelings, and words - a poem of reciprocal delight!! Do visit ( - hot link above in post - for a full description.