Friday, June 25, 2010

One Earth Be It Healed

How absolutely unbelievable is this devastation of our waters. And Yes, let us embrace faith in its entirety... As more is told of the Gulf Waters... let us reach out beyond despair... and so......

One Earth be it Healed

Pray I for YOUR knowing command
To guide each caring, helping hand
Pray I for YOUR loving grace.
Blessings upon ravaged waters shall YOU place.

Rose Marie Raccioppi


  1. "AMEN"

    Love to you

  2. Gail, Thank You for all you do. I always thought of the sea as ever implacable, never did I imagine that it would be so vulnerable to man's abuse. Waters ever healing I implore with ALL to be healed. Yes, "AMEN."

    Love to you and yours,

    Rose Marie