Sunday, March 7, 2010

Golden Mean

I see within the form and structure of this hand
The calling of the Creator's command
Passion's pursuit be known by thee
In the grace of a shell, a bloom, a branching tree
The golden mean proportion divine
In this hand and in a growing vine
In galaxies, spiraling light and star
This the Creator's beauty at hand and in vistas far.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Image: Red Ice Creations,


  1. Hi Rose,
    Came by to say hello, hope the new week will be pleasant for you.

  2. Herrad, Thank you ever so much for your visit. Today we in New York have had a most pleasant change in weather - snow melting under the warming sun and temperatures kinder. Spring indeed is welcomed!

    All the best to you,
    Rose Marie

  3. Tamarind, And we so blessed, each of us the gift of "The Mastery."