Thursday, February 25, 2010


Emergent be these thoughts
This wellspring of mind
Expansive treasures of perception
Dark, fertile, alchemic
And thus
The golden light illumes.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Hard Edge Painting, Acrylic on canvas, 2009, Gary Manzo.


  1. Hi RoseMarie-

    I know the illumination well as it came from the darkest of darkness. In this image and words it is clear that in the light the darkness is ever visible - each has merit and purpose and invites the other to 'know'.

    Love Gail

  2. yes......emerging..... hmmmm. That is exactly right now. Emerge... I am emerging. Thank you my fair lady. I am but following the lantern you have so nicely lit.

  3. Dearest Gail, I know how meaningful the emergence from the 'dark' is for you. And you are here ever to illuminate our BEING. Thank You.

    Love to you,
    Rose Marie

  4. Clare, And a lantern you will ever fuel with your loving intentions. Hugs dear Clare, Rose Marie