Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And the Child Calls and Calls

the speaker calls for the listener
the writer calls for the reader
the performer calls for the audience
the artist calls for the soul
and the child calls and calls
what is heard
what is read
what is now known
what do we yet trust
and the child calls and calls
what do we answer
what do we do
what do we plan
what do we yet dream
and the child calls and calls.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

a most heartfelt perspective

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The truth, the innocence, and the all-knowing spirit of life fills our first breath. Who and what answers our first cry? What happens in the moments of life that fill the years to follow? Do we become the sum total of who touches, who answers, who denies, who ignores, who accepts, who rejects, who encourages? What moves us out of the shadow of our own experience? ... commentary continued on above link to APOGEE Learning Enhancement Training Systems™.

Mother and Child, 1944-47, Carved Stone, Isamu Noguchi, 1904 - 1988.

And when we fully appreciate that "abstractions" are those particular parts, perceived in a particular way that have grown out of our experience with nature and SELF - we see all expressions as calls of soul, self or spirit, longing to be heard.


  1. Wonderful. This pulls at the heartstrings.

  2. So sorry I haven't been here lately but blogger won't let me open your post each time, I just keep trying.
    This poem is full of so truths and makes one want to fully pay attention to children even more than they do. So many of their little hearts are ignored and no time is given them. This poem has really moved me.....:-) Hugs

  3. and the child calls...children have that awesome sense to ask questions we never would, o speak truth we never would...inside each of us is a child we locked away, that i imagine calls....

  4. Yes, the children out there and the child inside.

  5. Rose Marie, this is so truly beautiful to me.... for so many reasons.
    You capture how so many of us feel, adults and children.
    This speaks to me to about children, who are living.....and no longer among us.. To those children who need our voice to see them through.....
    and to find our own voice in the process.....

  6. Rosaria,

    I so appreciate your being here and thank you each for your thoughtful comments. As I gather the lessons each of my students have taught me, and how important it was for them to be heard, I found that the word HEAR sounded its message:

    Know what I feel in HEART
    EMBRACE me with understanding
    ACCEPT that this is my time here
    REALIZE that we are each this moment of eternity.

    And so I learned to listen, to hear, and to acknowledge another TO BE.

    With gratitude,

    Rose Marie