Friday, December 11, 2009

In Memory of Lt. Col. Michael L. Murphy

This Day, December 11, 2009

Winds whispering sweet
When love and memory meet
For a life that will ever soar
In the heavens evermore
For the valor within heart
From which his quest had its start
For all he brought by noble deed
This in memory in God's loving creed.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Lt. Col. Michael L. Murphy, USMC was killed on the night of Dec. 11, 2000
along with three other brave Marine Warriors
while test piloting the MV22 Osprey Helicopter.

Firmament, Watercolor, Rose Marie Raccioppi,


  1. a lovely memorium...i am thinking of soliders today too...

  2. murph was a friend and mentor to me when i was just a kid. he was my little league baseball coach and a close family friend. this is a beautiful poem.thank you

  3. Brian, I believe, especially when we have sons, the loss of a soldier rants ever deeply within. Much love to you and your, Rose Marie

  4. Kim, Thank you for your response. Anne Murphy is very special to me. I have come to know Michael through her loving grace. Would you like to connect? I do have other blog posts in his honor.

  5. Lovely Rose Marie, simply lovely.

    We just found out last night that they have moved my nephew's deployment to Iraq up a week. He will be leaving on the 17th and reality has set in.

  6. A lovely tribute. My son was born on this day.

  7. Rhonda, Sending a loved one off to war is deeply heart-rending. Do send his name onto me. I will hold him in prayers of love and protection, ever holding to the vision of his safe return.

  8. Bonnie, and to you dear Bonnie a loving tribute, for having brought forth a son this very day. Love to you and yours.

  9. A beautiful memorial kind and caring of you. Oh the soldiers are our special angels and I pray for them nightly.....:-) Hugs

  10. Bernie, I too, pray.`♥´ Blessings and light.