Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Burning Embrace

Sacred flame and fire
Consecrated passion and desire
Praise and Glory be they named
Truth and Love ever ordained
This blissful frenzy, a fervor within heart
From all doubt or fear this soul depart
The grandeur of life I not conceal
In the burning embrace of this moment real.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Fire-burning-yellow-flame, layoutsparks.com

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for anyone who enjoys the play of words

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.
~Robert Frost
and so the echoes of heart, soul, and quest, be heard...

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  1. I love your poems. I saw Christopher's painting at Cinema Cafe tonight. It looks great. It covers the whole back wall. You can even see it from across the street. He's inherited your creativity.

  2. Steve, So pleased you took the time to visit the Cinema Cafe and stop by here as well. 'tis a smile posted for sure. Thanks - and let us be in touch. I would like to run some ideas by you.♥

  3. nice, that flame resides in each of us, we embrace it or squash it in our choosing...

  4. Let us keep that flame burning for what is real. Lovely!

  5. Rose Marie: Your flame always burns bright, and with your words of wisdom and inspiration you fan the flames that seem to fade in tired hearts.

  6. The burning flame lights up the beautiful words that you write.

  7. Cat, and from all you have so beautifully created yours is a most fervent flame.

  8. Bonnie, that was a most generous response. Thank You. In many a way I feel we are like images in the mirrors of reflection.❤

  9. Choices, Thank You. I too, feel that warming glow in all you offer.

  10. should be on the eternal flame at the Kennedy grave. It is very well written!

  11. Otin, Off to you a most appreciative HUG - that is so beautiful a consideration. I would be thrilled with such an opportunity. Have you any thoughts on how to bring that very consideration into reality? Know anyone with any such connection? Do give it your intention and so shall I, wouldn't that be news making in blog land!

    WOW - Wonder On Wonder. ♥ Much love, Rose Marie

  12. Rosemarie-

    I am exploding with the image and your words consuming me - I feel every emotion and every desire and every betrayal and every passion and every truth and it all is SO powerful.. YOU are powerful.

    Love Gail

  13. Gail, There is a thunderous awakening within me. And these words offered to mirror the lightning deep within. Thank you dearest Gail.

    Rose Marie

  14. PASSION! :)
    When our hearts find passion, fear disappears and our eyes are open! I love it Rose Marie!