Friday, November 27, 2009

Soulful Mind

Strength, direction, harmony
Ever present questing destiny
Healing body, mind, soul
Ever present questing goal
Premonition and knowing wise
Ever present questing prize
Mastery of time and space
Ever present questing grace
One with truth, nature and creation
Ever present questing celebration
Enlightenment and SELF defined
Ever present questing soulful mind.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Regulus, exhibited 1828, reworked and exhibited 1837,

Oil on canvas, Joseph Mallord William Turner, English, 1775–1851,
Tate, London, Turner Bequest, 1856.e, London, Turner Bequest, 1856.
Photograph Credit
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Turner here presents the departure of Marcus Attilius Regulus, the Roman general. Regulus was made Consul for the second time about 256 B.C., and with his colleague, Manlius Vulso, commanded in the first war against Carthage. He was made prisoner, and then sent to Rome by the Carthaginians, with an embassy, to make peace. He bound himself by an oath to return if the terms were rejected. Not believing it noble to advise the abandonment of the war, he, regardless of the entreaties of his family, and even of those of the senate and the people, urged its prosecution. This was eventually decided upon. Regulus returned to Carthage and certain death. As one who refused to purchase life by sacrificing his country or breaking his oath, Turner bestowed a commemoration upon Regulus in this painting.

And so the light, ever present questing soulful mind..

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  1. time and space ever present in infinit grace

  2. that has a really cool cadence to it...trying to stay ever present.

  3. Chris, I know you understand and hold to faith.

  4. Brian, Knowing you have sons, I thought you would like to know that these words come from the heart of this mother and the love of sons blessed as mine. And so unto you for yours...

  5. For the minds you would wish us all to have, and the one you already do. Beautiful, meaningful words Rose Marie.

  6. Bonnie, The term soulful mind is one that has become more and more meaningful to me. It is the intelligent mind, guided by truth and ultimate well being, it is thinking that is as much from the responsiveness of our senses as it is to the responsiveness of our heart's guidance and knowing spirit. Thank You Bonnie for who you are in this "ever present questing..."

  7. Hi ROsemarie-

    oh this image and these words blend together in deep, dim, truth - the fog ahead is the journey - as I blindly and trustingly entered the abyss of my own life - hidden behind the veil of fog - waiting for me to be consumed - and it is all so soulful - of the darkest moments with their own rhythm just waiting to be heard - felt- believed - I love the dark soulful parts of me - and for anyone who believes that they are ever light - I say they are not - rather it is the darkness that allows the light beyond to be ever brighter.

    love to you my passionate freind

  8. I loved this poem Rose Marie. There is something about the fusion of the soul and the mind... The idea of them coming together... A quest for harmony...
    Thank you for sharing such beauty and wisdom here. xx

    Gail - I loved your comment. Such acceptance...

  9. Your poetry always matches the pictures so well!

  10. Gail, This has been a holiday weekend embraced with deep gratitude. I thank you for such openness and honesty and yes, "-rather it is the darkness that allows the light beyond to be ever brighter."

  11. Wonderingsoul, As I stated above to Bonnie,"soulful mind" is the responsiveness of our senses, as well as the responsiveness of our heart's guidance and knowing spirit. A soulful mind is not divided against itself. It is the SELF as ONE. Thank you for BEING here.

  12. Otin, Thank you for acknowledging my intent. So pleased for your coming by.

  13. And to All...

    This has been a delightfully full Thanksgiving holiday week and weekend. I have missed my many visits to each of you and look forward to catching up. Hugs from cyberspace on their way...

  14. The painting and your poem match so well! You describe something almost dreamlike.