Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Present All

Thoughts within the mind to trace

Within this heart a questing place
A knowing and a longing wise
Your spirit in grace to ever rise
For love and faith bequeath your soul
In peace, flight, fury, a noble goal
Rising sun of morn, waxing moon of night
Splendor of The Way, dark beget light
Thunderous waves, waters call
Majestic so be the present All
Life in gratitude and loving praise
Now be known this gift of days
Within each moment, each hour, all time
The glory of God's gifts eternal sublime.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Assuaging of the Waters, 1840, Oil on canvas, John Martin, British, 1789 - 1854.

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  1. blow me one day be standing on that shore...

  2. A life filled with love and gratitude is a life well lived, beautiful poem my friend.
    I so enjoy visiting your post and reading such amazing words........:-) Hugs

  3. Bernie, Thank You. The words, the delightful account of your days, that you bring to so many on your blog, are indeed imbued with a loving spirit. You share a most tender heart.


    Oh the passion and honest storms of life - loving - raw - soothing - chaotic and calm -oh such are your words and images blending, perhaps crashing, often surging to a crescendo of power and peace and deep meaning. The spirit in word and image vulnerable and soulful. Oh how well you know.
    Love to you my friend

    p.s. keep an eye out for a small package - mailed to you today with love.

  5. Gail, Good always when you are here - you leave such spirited responses, always a gift. I come to enjoy my words anew as you so generously make your impressions known. BIG thank you for such words shared.

    I will let you know when your package is received. More HUGS.

  6. I love all the wonderful comments that everyone left and so agree with all of them!

    Your words are just so beautiful and lifted my spirit today ....was just feeling a bit down!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful words!



  7. Margie, Pleased we are connecting. YES, all have expressed missing you. Thank You for your words of praise. We do have an exchange of beautiful words in full swing! The thing about, "just feeling a bit down!" is we know the next direction is destined to be UP!

    Warm Hugs...