Sunday, November 8, 2009

Listen To This Night

Listen to this night

Violet whispers
Indigo melody
And light's refrain

Listen to this night
Blue notes
Lilting tones
And light's refrain.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

The Night, Watercolor, Rose Marie Raccioppi,

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  1. i love listening to the night...your words choice is it!

  2. I love both the image & the sound of "indigo melody." Lovely poem!


    It is in the darkest of night I see light. It is in the darkest of night that one can see the stars. Indigo is a desperate color I believe - very close to death - often cold like steel. I saw this color once in real time - when our little grandson was born still - he was a steel Indigo blue like no other color I ever felt. That color exists on the fine line between life and death when one crosses over. He did - he crossed through the steel Indigo - and the light of the night of his death shined brighter and he found his way back - through the steel Indigo and back to life - to us . Amen. The darkest color in your painting is where he passed - the light above showed him the 'way' How did you know?

    Love you

    p.s. I wrote a poem for his baptism which my husband set to beautiful music and it was performed at the Special Olympics. I would love to send you a copy. Please send me contact info. ok?

  4. Gail, Your words have touched me ever so deeply. The night is ever a metaphor. Yes, life itself passes through darkness and sets a journey to light, to awareness, to wonder, to joy. I would be honored to receive a copy of the baptism poem song. Is there more to tell about your grandson? Somehow I feel there is.

    Here is my home address:
    Rose Marie Raccioppi
    172 Liberty Road
    Tappan, New York 10983
    845-359-7254 (home#)

    My eldest son has favored indigo blue. I gifted him with a triptych of a night sky, shades and tones of indigo blue, with a beam of light passing through each. All three are hung on his wall, each bearing a one line inscription that reads from one to the other:

    the darkness will not be silenced
    it calls out
    and the light hears its cry.

    It was the first and only triptych I have painted. It too, bears the significance of trauma and life.

    Once again, a communication shared that speaks to the embrace of spirit.


    Oh my, as tears of wonder and depth fall gently I am SO full of emotion. I love the images you created for your eldest son and the meaning within. I h ave written your information and will be sending you the tape of "JACOB"S SONG". And oh yes, there is much more to share about him.
    I love you

  6. Brian, and so I know it speaks, for to you I choose to listen.

  7. John, so pleased for your visit. Thank You. Yes, I know you hear both the melody and the refrain. I can just picture your creating a celebrated piece of music for, "Listen To This Night."

  8. Bonnie, we share and are one in spirit as light bearers. We each point to the light within the shadows, within the dark, for shadow and dark are but light not seen.

  9. I tracked back from a beautiful comment you wrote on lovely Gail's blog post.
    I'm overwhelmed by the beauty here. I think I am most touched perhaps by some of your Haiku poetry.
    I'm so envious of your talent to hang each word and each brush stroke with such heavy beauty and stillness. Not envious in the way that would ever deny you such expression, but envious in the desperation to connect and pour out the darkness and lightness in my own soul in such a deep and cleansing stream as I see and hear in this place.
    Just wanted to let you know.

    And, the words
    "the darkness will not be silenced
    it calls out
    and the light hears its cry."
    I have no words for.

    Thank you for using our talent in such an incredible way and for sharing it.

  10. Wonderingsoul, Welcome. I too, a seeker. Have found some treasures and have collected coins of care. So pleased for our connection. thank you for, "Just wanted to let you know." - that is a shared delight.

  11. Your words connect in me.
    So.. no! Thank YOU!