Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Water's Lure

To these waters I proclaim
Protection in the Creator's name
Rain, lake, stream and sea
Upon land, mountain and all that be
Cascading, rippling waves of time
Waters roiling, majestic, sublime
Carried with ebb and flow
Ocean tides now high now low
Lofty heights of turbulent splendor
To water's lure I willingly surrender
And heard be the cresting plea
Revere the gifts of waters, ocean and sea.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Water's Lure, photo, PFR, Collectible Clicks, ©Rose Marie Raccioppi, 2009.

The Ocean
In Celebation of

Charan Surdhar
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  1. What a lovely ode to water...I always feel better when I'm near any natural body of water, I feel refreshed and renewed, like it washes away any troubles...yes, a slight cliché, lol! Wonderful photo!

  2. Rain, Thank You. It was the very need to "wash away" the perplexities that gave way to these very words. To hold to the flow, the ever present change, the questing balance of nature, and a vision beyond the media's lament. Sending a knowing HUG.

  3. SO important to 'revere' and 'protect' our precious sources of water. Thank you Rose Marie.

  4. Dear Bonnie, and so the very source of life, we to hold reverent. Thank you for all you do.

  5. This is so very kind of Rose, to have a link to my video too. Also that you have written such a beautiful poem in celebration to it. I feel honoured and humbled at the same time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  6. Hi Rose Marie-

    Oh my - the image and words are breath taking - peaceful and safe. All so true of the water of life - and so I thirst - and so I drink and it is good.

    Love Gail

  7. Charan, It is my pleasure. We are to hold one another in celebration. We are indeed meant to share the joys of our creative spirit.

  8. Gail, Yes, "drink and it is good." And so we toast our gifts and give praise for our blessings.

    Much love,
    Rose Marie

  9. It reads like a prayer, a beautiful calling for water's powers and gifts.

  10. Rosaria, Yes, this is a prayerful plea. Our waters are in so much need of protection, our oceans are bearing the burden of misguided ways. So pleased that you stopped by. Thank You