Friday, October 9, 2009

Royal String Quartet, Górecki, 3rd mvt. String Quartet no. 3

The haunt
the quest
the search
sweet revelation
the music, the music
the sounding strings
the sounding soul
this heart known
vistas of the great mind
the Creator's call
the music, the music.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

listen along with me

Astronomy Picture of the Day

image: Orion in Gas, Dust, and Stars

We in ascension
the splendor of soul as it soars beyond all imposed limitation
As the GREAT MIND speaks TRUTH
SPIRIT in heralding voices calls us to the ONE, to the KNOWING, to the LIGHT.
So be the music, the music...

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  1. beautiful piece. there is such music vibrating in the air amid the wonderful colors of autumn...if we only stop to listen. i hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Brian, Yes, there is much to be heard. I will listen along with you.

  3. Oh my Rose Marie -

    I am caught in the power of "phantom of The Opera" as I sat paralyzed by the musics vibrations riveting through me and the fear and passion crashed and blended, crashed and blended - so much of my life wrapped in it's power and harmony perfect yet tragic - blinded and enlightened - painful joy and desperate surrender - oh the music heightened every emotion - it beat me and soothed me all at once - I cowered in fear and stood tall and open to all truth - I don't know how you know - only that you do. h the music, I feel it, I feel it. I see it, I see it. ahhhhhhhhh

    Love and honor

  4. Gail, We in ascension - the splendor of soul as it soars beyond all imposed limitation. As the GREAT MIND speaks TRUTH and the SPIRIT in heralding voices call us to the ONE, to the KNOWING, to the LIGHT.

  5. The music, the words, the picture,all creating a lovely experience. Thank you, Rose Marie.

  6. Rosaria, So pleased you enjoyed this post. Best always, Rose Marie

  7. Oh I love this, a great mind always knows the truth and the beautiful spirit will always lift its voice to the light and beautiful not only have a gift my friend, you are a gift.....:-) Hugs

  8. Bernie, As I listened to the music this morning, the feelings gave voice to the words and memory held the image. The moment was transcendent. I felt a boundless joy, knowing too, that I was to share words, music and image, a spirited triune. So I thank you, for when reading your comment, I was assured of my intention fulfilled. Hugs back...

  9. What a beautiful experience. Thank you, Rose Marie. Have a peaceful day.

  10. Choices, Thank you, so pleased you have come by.

  11. Rose ~
    Your friendship has touched me so deeply that I am lost for words...and that, is unusual for me.