Sunday, October 18, 2009

Frederic Francois Chopin

Frederic Francois Chopin

March 1, 1810 – October 17, 1849

En Mememoriam
160 Years

Within his fingers the structure, the melody cast divine
Spontaneous, miraculous, with perseverance sublime
In solitude, weeping, pacing, he held to the music’s plea
Within his inner chambers conceived he the music to be
Variant, fluid, reverie, revelation’s quest
And we the benefactors of his behest
The sounding outcry of a tormented heart be found
In Chopin’s Scherzo, Etude, resolve expressively profound
Passion, devotion, unrequited love, of sorrow, joy, he to tell
And these the Preludes, Ballades, Mazurkas, we know so very well
The embrace of sensibilities and the sounding of creation’s call
Chopin, his Presence, his music, this moment, in celebration all.

Rose Marie Raccioppi
Poet Laureate
Soiree Society of the Arts

Carnegie Room Concerts
Piano Performance Extraordinaire
Matthew Cameron

October 17, 2009

Frederic Chopin

Barcarolle, Opus 60
Waltz in F minor, Opus 70
Ballade No. 4 in F minor, Opus 52
Scherzo No 2 in B-flat minor, Opus 31
Etude in A-flat major, Opus 25 No. 1
Etude in F minor, Opus 25 No. 2
Etude in E-flat minor, Opus 20 No.6
Etude in E-flat major, Opus 10 No. 11
Etude in C minor, Opus 10 No. 12
Nocturne in C minor, Op 48
Polonaise in A-flat, Op 53

Every fiber of self was felt during your extraordinary performance last evening.
The self was transported to the folds of the universe.
Your hands, the purveyor of beauty.

In loving friendship.

Rose Marie

"Matthew Cameron has, in the words of music writer Michel Le Naour, distinguished himself as a figure of "profound musical consciousness", and as one of the major pianistic talents of his generation. His playing has been called "passionate and poetic" and "masterful" by critics, and Cyprien Katsaris lauded his transcriptions and compositions for piano as "works of genius."

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Portrait of Frederic Chopin, Oil on canvas, 1838, Eugene Delacroix, 1798-1863, Paris, Musee de Louvre

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