Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bequeath Your Presence

Bequeath Your Presence
Within this soul
love’s call though silent
resounds with longing
Within this heart
love’s call though silent
echoes a lament
Within this stillness
the resounding of what once was
Within the emptiness
the fullness of despair
Are these the sensibilities
absent of God’s care
Ravage not
this body and spirit
Ravage not
this faith and trust
Bequeath Your Presence
Cancer no more.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

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Orion Deep Field

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  1. RoseMarie-

    I am stunned by the power of the image and your words fierce and yet surrendering. I hurt and hope all at once as I see the scars of being ravaged covered over in the blanket of surrender - and still - the red - the raw truth waits - to be heard - seen - embraced - loved - for it is as critical to life as the healing journey that followed - the image exposed what is underneath - it is always there.

    Love to you

  2. Bonnie, And so we affirm and so shall we heal.

  3. Gail, It is openness, awareness, the willingness to confront and be in truth to self, that allow the healing, the resolve, the peace. Your comment here embraced with gratitude. So shall it be dear Gail, the knowing, the truth.