Friday, September 25, 2009

Within These Walls

Within these walls the waling labor and the promise of a new day
Upon these floors the heavy burdens and the knowing of The Way
Within these chambers of heart and home reverie and reflection

The searching wave of wonder and awe crests with God's perfection
No promise or lament need be silenced or denied its haunting call
Within moments Now the pulsing passion of Presence, The All
The rooms of this home bear sounds and visions of day's gone by
Beauty held in music, art, the gifts of man, child, earth, sea and sky
The noonday sun touches this day with warming light
From each window I look to sky, trees and leaves in wind's flight
This deep captivating call of heart and home in silence I do ever hear
I know of God, this moment, and faith in a tomorrow of banished fear.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Within These Walls, Photograph, CAR,
Collectible Clicks, ©Rose Marie Raccioppi, 2009.

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  1. I can feel your relief at the freedom to be totally yourself in this beautiful environment. The many memories and the comforts of your home make it sound a wonderful, nurturing place for you. Thanks for the peek into your private refuge.

  2. Rose Marie: What wonderful phrases to remind us how sacred the place that holds and witnesses all our joys, tears, fears, despair and occasionally our enlightenment ' . . . these chambers of heart and home . . .'

    Your poetry is not just beautiful. It nourishes something deep inside - that perhaps with neglect we sometimes allow to go hungry.

  3. Hi Rose Marie! " in a tomorrow of banished fear." What a wonderful thought! The beautiful doors are very welcoming, I'll be right over! ;-)

    Oh yes, "hom".where all is realized albeit love, fear, hope, despair, faith, triumph, tragedy! The doors to your world are strong and secure - you could hide armies of abandoned lost souls or provide nurturing to many in desperate need or celebrate those in complete harmony. YOur doors have seen much come and go - light and darkness abounds - each purpopseful, embraced by God'slight and love and held in fortress that no army could destroy.

    Love to you
    peace and home

  5. So beautifully expressed, Rose Marie.
    Especially loved your last lines ...
    This deep captivating call of heart and home in silence I do ever hear
    I know of God, this moment and faith in a tomorrow of banished fear.


  6. I love this! Your words so well describe that which is within.

  7. Oh so beautiful.....I feel exactly about my home and how I feel when I sitting cozy by the fire.....I feel the love, and the hope of all that is to come.......:-) Hugs

  8. Karen, The greatest joy is when my grandchildren visit and I can share not only the glory of the time NOW, but those yesterdays spent, by their father, held in the heart of my home.

  9. Bonnie, Your blog posts have also allowed us to step inside, and feel the warmth and beauty of spaces you have created.

  10. Rain, And you dear Rain have become more and more the fearless one. WOW - I would LOVE a visit - that is a sweet vision.

  11. Gail, "The doors to your world are strong and secure - ..." And from all you have shared, so too are yours. Strength and blessings dear Gail.

  12. Margie, Thank you - I know how much home and family means to you. I always feel the depth of your care and love.

    Mark, Knowing all you so generously express in your wisdom and spirit filled blog posts, I am particularly appreciative of your visits and comments.

    Bernie, I can envision and feel your delight when "...sitting cozy by the fire..."

    THANK YOU ALL - I am glad you found the door open and stopped in.