Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What Is In The Mirror

What is in the mirror now before me

What is it that others do see
Is the sadness in my soul veiled by a smile
Is the longing in my heart known all the while
Is it the truth of all my years
Is it the telling of time and shed tears
Is it the pain and loss that is shown
Oh, let it be the glory, the splendor, of a love once known.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

The Mirror, Oil on Canvas, Thomas Francis Dicksee, British, 1819-1895.

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  1. In my mirror.....a reflection of my life, and I love seeing and knowing the truth.
    Another beautiful poem my friend....:-) Hugs

  2. Bernie, Knowing and "facing" the truth, so much a journey, so much a revelation. Blessings.

  3. I love the use of questions and the final wish. I wonder what others do see when they look at us. Certainly not what we are or wish to be, I think, but a reflection of what THEY are.

  4. Rose Marie, I, like Karen above, love the use of questions in your verse. And I always quiver with delight when I hear or read the word "splendor".

  5. A mirror our true reflection of ourselves. Beautifully expressed as always.

  6. Hi Rose Marie!!! What a beautiful insightful poem! I used to worry all the time what others thought of me, and what they saw in my face; especially when I was going through the worst of the depression - could they see that my smile was fake? Now when I do physically look in the mirror, I try to make myself laugh instead of pre-judging myself and others for what they might be thinking...I mimic Barbara Streisand and say "Helloooooo Gorgeous!" :)

  7. Rose Marie-

    Oh so beautful - this poem reaches far. I wear my truths well - they are the depth of my deep blue eyes, the lines around my mouth, my strength of stature, cane and all, my fear at times, my hurts too, my laughter and delight, my knowing, my joy, my loving and being loved - it is a swirl of all that defines me -
    oh what a beautiful poem - perhaps my favorite to date.

    Love gail

  8. This beautiful poem goes straight to my heart.
    When I look in the mirror what I love to see is a person of honesty staring back to me.

    Loved your last lines, most of all.

    Thanks, Rose Marie!


  9. What piercing questions here. I love these universal feelings.

  10. A thank you to each of you...

    A mirror, a reflection, a revelation.

    Karen, I agree. What we see in another is so very much our perception.

    Bonnie, Ahh splendor:"ORIGIN late Middle English : from Anglo-Norman French splendur or Latin splendor, from splendere ‘shine, be bright.’"magnificence, sumptuousness, grandeur, impressiveness, resplendence, opulence, luxury, richness, fineness, lavishness, ornateness, glory, beauty, elegance; majesty, stateliness..."

    Yes, Bonnie, reason to "quiver."

    Choices, Thank you.

    Rain, Go Gorgeous Go!

    Gail, You are pure revelation!

    Margie, The last line you made reference to is expressive of a deep love known many moons past.

    Lakeviewer, Yes we do weave common threads.