Friday, September 18, 2009

The Quest of Light

The enfold of silence and sweet slumber greet
Where dreams and awakenings ever to meet
The vistas traveled all near all far
To galaxies and a distant star
Spirit in flight across the sky
In the firmament above, above so high
Known be the glory, the quest of light
The pursuit of Spirit through the night.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

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  1. ...where dreams and awakenings ever meet, pursuit of the spirit in flight - what beautiful images, half-imagined, half-remembered.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Rose Marie. This is a beautiful start to mine.

  2. Karen, It is good to know that there are fellow travelers. SMILE. Thank you much. Best to you and yours for the weekend.

  3. Hi RoseMArie-

    Beautiful image and words to which I can escape. I know this place between dreams and awake - reality and deception. I have been in both places. I left in to the sky - He never knew. I was the darkness around the light, the light my way home. I awoke, in the cold. He never knew.The light showed me the way. When I reconnected my spirit had been safe, hidden in the darkness and the light showed me the ay and I was free again. I was one. He never knew.
    Your visions, expressed in word and image know my soul.

    Love to you

  4. Dearest Gail, "Your visions, expressed in word and image know my soul." And this be our communication - you ever knowing, seeking, validating, expanding, understanding, spirit and love...

  5. I love this picture, it goes with your wonderful words....sometimes I find your words, your picture are somehow familar to me, I'm not sure if I am comfortable with the feeling it arouses............:-) Hugs

  6. Bernie, Words and images do indeed spark associations and feelings. What ever feelings arise are in some why connected to what we may consciously or subconsciously connect. This is the wonder and the beauty of the mind.

    I too enjoy the images of vistas beyond our immediate reach. Best always, Rose Marie