Saturday, September 19, 2009

Passion's Decree

Strokes of color lyrical and bold
With line and form quest be told
Hold to this moment of need and desire
Portray the knowing, the passion, the fire
Hush not the refrain of glory's plea
Paint, brush, color, heed passion's decree.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Rapture, Watercolor, Rose Marie Raccioppi,

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  1. You most certainly do
    "Portray the knowing, the passion, the fire"!

    Beautiful brushstrokes, literal and verbal.

  2. I'm in love with your watercolours!!
    Rose Marie's brush and pen,
    Brings me happiness and joy again! attempt at Saturday morning poetry!

  3. Rose Marie: Seems to me you live a life of passion! So nice of you to share some with us.

  4. Hi Rose Marie-
    Your painting and your words are so passionate and powerful. I sense myself, lost in the desired images and deep passions of wondrous lust. A lust that only two truly knowing souls can create and explore with dignity.

    Love to you

  5. Now this I do love and feel. The picture with it's passion color...out there for all to see and the feelings that only can be known when shared with another on a similar wave....Hugs

  6. Hi, stopped by from Gloria's Spanish View. Very illuminating . . very classy . . this I like very much.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope you'll come back soon!

  7. Dearest Karen, This day feels deeply blessed. Thank you for being here.

    Bonnie, Passion too defines so much of what you share. Our exchange brings much joy.

    Gail, "...two truly knowing souls..." and you in celebration!

    Bernie,"...when shared with another on a similar wave..." and so the communication fulfilled. Blessings ever present.

    Gloria, Thank you for being here... and for following, always pleased for the pleasing. Will most certainly reciprocate.

  8. WOW Rain, visited your newly presented blog - what a treat. I enjoyed camping out with your virtual delights. Would you consider allowing me to select a posted photo for a poetic encounter? Credit cited to you of course. CHEERS for your, "Saturday morning poetry!"

  9. Hi Rose Marie! Please help yourself!!! I'm so glad my photography has inspired you! Thanks for that compliment, I'm touched!!!