Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Painter's Honeymoon

Quell not these passions
The yearning fires of the soul
Devour pain and loss.

Heed the calling quest
Divine grace to you bequeath
Truth in God's light known.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

The Painter's Honeymoon, Oil on canvas, 1864, Lord Frederick Leighton, English Classicist Painter and Sculptor, 1830-1896

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  1. Another beautiful and heartfelt poem....I find them all amazing, comforting, and I am so looking forward to receiving your book.:-) Hugs

  2. Beautiful as always, Rose Marie. I love how you so actively embrace all of life - the love, the loss. It is such a good reminder for me.

    What a beautiful painting. I had never seen it before. So much tenderness that comes through.

  3. Bernie, Your enthusiasm is so very welcomed!

    Bonnie, My youngest son, who is an artist and sculptor, introduced me to this painting. It is among his favorites as well. Yes, Bonnie I have come to "embrace all of life - the love, the loss." I am ever so pleased when you visit. Thank you.

  4. Hi Rose Marie-

    Oh so beautiful the blend of words and painting. I love the exchange so much. And our passion at times is so strong that it consumes me and him and all else is void, pain is gone, all fear subsides and we am lost in the motion between us . You are so amazing.

    Love Gail

  5. Wonderful poem and important lesson, we must embrace with passion all of what is our experience not just that which we percieve as good.

  6. Gail, "I love the exchange so much." - and that is what it is all about - so happy for the love you share.

    Mark, yes, it is the 'all' that both challenges and defines our experience.