Thursday, September 17, 2009

In Spirit's Willing Command

Beyond darkening shadows of doubt
Beyond a deafening din
This calling, calling deep within
Moods and passions
Purpose and plan
Destiny and devotion
The pen, the brush, the word, the hand
And known be this glory
In Spirit's willing command.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Divine Frenzy, Watercolor, Rose Marie Raccioppi,
Click on image for larger view

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  1. You do hear that calling within, Rose Marie; there's no doubt of it. "The pen, the brush, the word, the had" - your instruments of "Spirit's willing command." I love the title of the painting, as well. You are most prolific and talented, dear lady!

  2. Rose Marie: I love the juxtaposition of yesterday's artwork with today's . . . Such a contrast in style - both exquisite.

    I'm so happy that your share your multi-faceted self with us on your blog. I come here every day knowing you have a beautiful gift in store.

  3. Beyond darkening shadows of doubt…

    Yes, this is where I'm always looking, not always finding, but not giving up.

  4. Hi Rose Marie!! That is a stunning watercolour! I just love it! Beautiful poem, thanks for brightening my ever-shining day!

  5. Hi RoseMarie-

    Oh my such amazing colors, and your words and phrases? Amongst my favorites.

    Love to you

  6. I love this picture and it is obvious to me the holy spirt lives within and shows itself to you through your beautiful, creative and wonderful happy you share your creative gifts with all of us....:-) Hugs

  7. Amazing and truly beautiful watercolor!
    Another one that I just keep gazing at and love the incredible colors!
    Your poem is lovely ... it tells us of all your gifted abilities that come from a deep calling.
    It's a gift from a true divine source.
    There are times I will be writing a poem and the words come from a place that is so deep inside me that I know has to be a divine source.

    Blessings to you, Rose Marie.


  8. Karen, I know we share many of those inner whispers.

    Bonnie, I most certainly can say the very same to you. Your generous offerings of both beauty and wisdom are deeply appreciated by all who visit your blog.

    Rhonda, I am your search partner.

    Rain, In so many ways you are the shining day.

    Gail, Colors are such wonderful gifts.

    Bernie, It pleases me to know that what I post has meaning to you.

    Margie, and I quote you, "There are times I will be writing a poem and the words come from a place that is so deep inside me that I know has to be a divine source.." At those times I wonder who is writing the poem, who is painting, there is a inner drive that assumes a life of its own.

    TO ALL - You each have befriended what I share. I am so deeply appreciative. THANK YOU.