Sunday, September 20, 2009

Caress Of The Night

The light now brilliant above the trees
The green array below darkened
The air is gently cool and still
Each branch, each leaf before me is motionless
Sweeps of deep pink embrace the golden sun
As each moment now unfolds
The light of this day quickens to its rest
Laced in brilliant golden crimson
The light bids this day to its close
Gone is the green
Each leaf, each branch
A blackened silhouette
In grace against the darkened sky
The sound of crickets hold present this day
The caress of the night air
The colors sweeping abide to the closing hour
Skyward I am bound
Brush stokes of color call to the canvas
And I in the embrace of this Presence.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

This Night This Mist, Watercolor, Rose Marie Raccioppi,

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  1. OMG....I'm in tears right now, that poem Rose, you touched my heart again, especially knowing I somehow inspired you..."each leaf, each branch, a blackened silhouette"....thank you!

  2. I really think this is one of your best--beautiful lines, beautiful movement. As always, the painting is so striking!

  3. I agree with John. The flow of this leads us through your wonder at nature and into your creative spirit. Very beautiful.

  4. Rain, As expressed in my comment on your blog, your photos are indeed poetry. Do consider what I proposed, only if it would please you.

  5. John, OH, what a good feeling all over - thanks ever so much.

    Karen As you so often do, you enter the very soul of my intent: to give homage to the gifts and glory of nature, the SOURCE, the beauty.

  6. I agree my dear friend, this absolutely is one of your best poems, I could and can relate with every enjoying your site my friend, helps me to grown in my own life and in literature.........:-) Hugs

  7. Bernie, Thank you and so very pleased that you found personal meaning in this poem.

  8. Hi RoseMarie-

    Oh my, I am happily lost in your words and images - I feel the change from light to peaceful vibrant dark - safely surounded in shadow....this is amazing.

    Love to you

  9. Gail, "...this is amazing." - and so too are your most poignant responses - Thank You ever so much.