Monday, September 7, 2009

And How A Mother Shows Her Care

And how a mother shows her care
She sees the loss, the pain but does not despair
With faith and the vision of her child set free
She revels in joy for all that be
Acceptance, gratitude, forgiveness to discern
Life’s lessons not always easily learned
With wisdom and knowing deep within her heart
Doubt, fear and sadness readily depart
A new path so shall she lay
For this and the awakening day.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Angelica Kauffmann, Cornelia Pointing to her Children as Her Treasures, 1785, Oil on Canvas

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  1. Oh Rose Marie this is one of the most beautiful poems of a mother's love I have ever read. All mother's love their children but you my friend are able to put into words what we feel in our hearts....Thank You for sharing this poem with all of us mothers.
    Have a great Monday......:-) Hugs

  2. Bernie, Thank you, and indeed you are very welcome. As a mother of three grown sons and a grandmother to a granddaughter and grandson, I live the words of this poem.

  3. All mothers should have that poem in a little frame on our wall. To remind us to support our children's lives but not invade them - even with our love and concern.

    Thank you Rose Marie. Wisdom in such a beautiful package.

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. Comments are always appreciated. This poem is beautiful. I'm guessing there are many people who dream of having a mother like the one in your poem.

  5. Hi Rose Marie-

    Oh such timing. I often wrestle with 'letting go', as I worry so for their safety and happiness. I feel sad for the distance and scramble to find my place. I know the love is strong and unyielding - I look for the gesture still, the one that says I matter - and when it doesn't come I break. Your beautiful poem challenges me this day to rest in the love that I know is forever.

    Love Gail

  6. Rose Marie,
    A mother's love is forever and always no matter what. This poem expresses a mother's love so beautifully! I love this poem!

  7. Lovely! A mothers love is often the purest example of unconditional love!

  8. I thank each of you for sharing in my most soulful search to deeply understand and embrace my role as a mother.

    Bonnie, Thank you. " support our children's lives but not invade them ..." a balance ever sought.

    Ashley, Yes, my mission as a mother was to be the mother, to each of my sons, that I wished I had.

    Gail, From all that you have shared within your heartfelt posts on your blog, I knew this poem would be so very real for you.

    Choices, I know of no greater bond.

    Mark, When a mother's love is unconditional a child is truly free.

    The most painful, the most joyful, the most fearful, the most delightful, the greatest of all lessons, are those taught to me by each of my sons as they too have grown into their own adult lives. This is a poem reflective of my journey.

  9. Oh my beautiful Rose, how my mamas heart needed this today.
    Thank you for lighting the way, in so many ways for me. In this life biz,
    and motherhood. My kids are 20 and 24, but I am listening to my Rose
    for pearls o' wisdom. Rose, you are such a gift to me. The bond is growing ever deeper as I step into my life..... ever present more, step by step.

  10. I feel honored to be here. I will post whenever I get sinking worrying about my son. Thanks, Rose , for bringing me here.