Friday, July 3, 2009

Opus Unveiled

This ever-changing firmament
I lovingly behold
Shades, hues, and tones
By the light enfold
Sweeping streaks of colors ephemeral
Etch upon the soul.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Frames of Mind, Opus 2, Watercolor, Rose Marie Raccioppi,

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  1. As always, you have managed to conjure the beautiful from the ordinary. I am full of admiration.

  2. It is amazing to me as to how you can bring beauty with words in everything you see.

  3. Dave, I so value your visits and your comments. Thank you. An exchange visit is always a pleasure. Your blog posts always present the significant, the beautiful, the provocative, the reflective, allowing the reader, observer to know, to question, to reflect, to touch BEING.

    Choices, I express what I see - and it is beauty and truth in ever present quest.

  4. These are beautifully "etch[ed] upon the soul of the viewer. Wonderful work, Rose Marie.

  5. Karen, The journey, the discovery, is indeed the "digging," the unfolding, the unraveling, the knowing revealed with only Self as the teacher. I know we share markers...

  6. Hi Rose Marie! I really like this emits many nuances and ideas...I see beauty and mystery. Lovely poem.

  7. Rain, " emits many nuances and ideas...I see beauty and mystery." You have voiced what I too feel each time I look to the sky, to the call, to beauty ever changing, mystery, the wonder and delight nature bestows upon us - our shared existence ever to celebrate!

  8. I love how we can live many miles away, but share the same sky! It really is a celebration to me each and every day...even when the sky is grey and that case, I'm able to get the most amazing photos, so what's to complain about right? Blueberries make me happy, lol!

  9. Thank you Rain,

    "I love how we can live many miles away, but share the same sky." This has always been most significant for me... Lines from my post of June 23, 2009, from "Who But God"...

    "Who but God gives to Kings and Queens and onto you
    The selfsame sky be it cloudy, stormed or blue..."

  10. Every moment we experience becomes sketched upon our psychy, and the combination of it all becomes who and what we are, up to this point and time.
    We are the sum of our life experiences...the good, the bad and everything in between.

    P.S. the painting is very beautiful!