Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Blooms of azure blue
Centers of a golden hue
Sweet scenting memories in praise
The Forget-Me-Not of yesterdays.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

For-Get-Me Not, Photograph, http://www.cottagegardenandfarm.com

YouTube - ♥♫ Forget me not - ERNESTO CORTAZAR ♥♫(Relaxing piano music)♥♫

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  1. "Sweet scenting memories" - beautiful phrase, part of a beautiful post, Rose Marie.

    How are you so prolific? Do you write something new every day, or do you have a store of these? Just curious.

  2. I am drawn to the last line "The forget-me-not of yesterdays"...as I try to live in the present and look forward to the future, I wonder, have I forgottne about the "forget-me-nots" of my yesterdays? Interesting...your poetry always gets my noggin going Rose Marie, lol! :)

  3. Hi Rose Marie-
    I love the simple depth of your poetry. And when I read, "centers of a golden hue" I was realizing the value of each of our 'cores', the essence of our beings which is a way to hold on to yesterday and forge on to tomorrows. It is our center where all experience and dreams live.

    THank you Rose Marie for your shared poetic wisdom and beauty.

    Love Gail

  4. Beautiful as always. Forget-me-nots of yesterday. Yes, let's not forget, but do look towards the future.

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  6. Karen, Rain, Gail, Choices,

    Several years ago I had the good fortune of being introduced to, "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die," by Karol K. Truman. It has been a most valued reference, one I put to use both personally and professionally. Among the many concepts presented is to understanding the 'need to forget' versus the need to remember, in order to ultimately confront and resolve. At the same time it was interesting to read a significant study relating to factors associated with Alzheimer's Disease. Again the issue of 'forgetting' a learned, imposed response, versus the 'remembering' for ultimate confront and resolve. In response to these findings, I started a journal, posting all memories, without judgment of their pleasure or perceived pain, and chose to remember in totality. The intent is to confront, appreciate our perceived experience, be it pain, hurt, anguish, loss, fear, happiness, joy, delight, hope, any of the feelings that define our humanity, and then to consciously free ourselves of any perceived burden. We are to free the ghosts so they do not lurk behind us. We are to remember with a renewed resolve. "The Wind and the Willow" and all posts here, are dedicated to the 'remembering,' to the resolve, to truth and to the gratitude, joy and beauty we each have the power to bring to our lives individually and collectively.

    Thank you for following and thank you for wanting to know.

  7. Karen, In answer to your question, "Do you write something new every day, or do you have a store of these?"

    The answer on both counts is YES. That is, the "store" is the experience of the moment - past- present - anticipated. Each day, as the midnight hour approaches, I search within, retrieve, and the parts, as with a kaleidoscope, merge to create a new expression.

  8. Hello Rose Marie
    I came here from my friend Anne's (Choices) blog.
    She was telling me about your wonderful poetry so I had to pay you a visit.

    I so agree with Anne & love your poetry!
    Beauiful post today!

  9. Margie, Thank you for your first time visit. I too, had the pleasure of a first time visit to your blog and most certainly was touched by your heartfelt poetry. Do you accept followers? I did not see that option posted. Blessings - from heart to heart.

  10. Hi Rose Marie-

    I wanted to reply to your wonderful comment. I SO agree and honor your words about 'freeing the ghosts so they don't lurk behind". I am so joyous that I know/remember all of me - all my experiences. I, for years, fought against my own truth, and went to great lengths to separate myself from myself believing that if I embraced my truth it would destroy me. And the opposite is true - my truths have freed me to love all of myself and not have to hide or run to avoid. I finally stood tall, turned around and faced myself. The very things I fought to acknowledge I have come to know as some of my greatest strengths and sources of wisdom and confidence and hope. I no longer need to forget and I love that I remember. No stone left unturned. Amen

    Love and freedom

  11. Gail, HAIL! HAIL! If for a moment life was a necklace, each experience an uncut diamond, we would indeed facet our gems, and be bedecked in light.

  12. Hi Rose Marie
    Just to let you know I did put up the link to accept followers but it showed up at the bottom of my page, so I removed it!

    Very nice to have your visits, thank you!