Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Heed the Hour

What allows us to endure such pain
How do we survive the bonds of the inane
What absence of what we were and are
Leads us astray and from faith afar
Blinders cast upon our heart and soul
Distant we become from our purpose and goal
Heed the hour present to amend
With the dawning from dark shall we ascend.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Beata Beatrix, 1872, Oil on canvas, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1828-1882, Tate Gallery, London, UK


  1. "Heed the hour present to amend
    With the dawning from dark we shall ascend."

    Such wisdom if only we will heed! We do become distant from our purpose and goal when we stray from grace.

    Thank you for the reminder along with the beautiful Rossetti. I love the Pre-Raphaelites, and I've had a "thing" for Rossetti since I saw his portrait in my senior English book in high school! He's a gorgeous one, and he looks just like a poet should look! ;-)

  2. Hi Rose:)


    Beautiful photo with a lovely poem written with great skill and lovely selection of inspiring words.

    I enjoyed reading this wonderful poem.

    Have a nice day Rose:)

  3. I marvel at the elegant way you breathe life and meaning into these words. How do you pack so much into so few words? Amazing...

  4. Karen, We share among other common passions, the admiration of Rossetti. Each of his paintings speaks volumes to this questing heart. I have a number of earlier posts with his featured brilliance. If you put his name in the search bar they will appear. As I look at the moods and expressions he portrays, I feel embraced by his knowing.

  5. Joseph, Thank you for your travels to this space of time and purpose. I appreciate your visits and comments and enjoy the offerings of your posts. It is always a delight to have my poems and paintings known to others.

    And to my Rainbow friend, When life is the ebb and flow of each breath and purpose revealed within your heart and soul, words like flowing water catch the sun and reflects its light.

    Blessings of the day...

  6. "Blinders cast upon our heart and soul"

    This line gets me, makes me think about dark nights of my own soul ...
    and the rescue
    by the Light-bearer.

  7. Jennifer, "...dark nights...the rescue...Light-bearer." Confront and Resolve - at the heart of life's fare...

    Post of Monday, March 23, 2009, The Night

    The darkness will not be silenced
    It calls out
    And the light hears its cry.