Sunday, June 21, 2009

Heaven and Earth

Images, vistas of Heaven and Earth in majestic array
Lakes, streams. rivers, oceans, wondrous water way
Rising and setting sun, colors emerge and blanketed they be
In the coming of night, held by the open sea
Mountains, plains, valleys, such splendor to behold
Each with a story past, present and yet to be told
Earth in its grandeur gifts of grace and light
So blessed be this day, so blessed be this night.
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Rose Marie Raccioppi

In Dedication
A Most Happy and Blessed Father's Day

Kitaro - Heaven and Earth

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  1. You see the world with such sense of wonder, joy and gratitude. I am always moved by your thoughts, your words. Thank you for sharing.

  2. And to you, keeper of the rainbow and keeper of the garden - a shared joy...

  3. What a lovely benediction. The photo is a perfect accompaniment.

  4. Thank you John. The imagery of your blog post today has sounded many heart notes - metaphors for many memories.

  5. A lovely chant rhythm, like a prayer, as John says. and a beautiful image to put us in the same frame of mind.

  6. A beautiful Solstice blessing, Rose Marie.

  7. Mari, Sandra,

    Today, Father's Day, my father no longer on this earth, the father of my children passed a decade ago - only in the realm of spirit can gratitude and homage be paid - and so I look to the Great Father ever present in ALL and sing in Praise.

  8. Image, poem, the Kitaro, all beautiful, and you~