Friday, June 12, 2009

Heard in the Winds

This hankering of heart
This searching of soul
Prods of passion
The incessant quest abounds
Present seeking its domain
Heard in the winds
Yet silent
Yet silent.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Woman in the Wind, Ventose, Art Nouveau Print, Treadway/Toomey Galleries.


  1. Hello Mrs. Marie
    How are you? Long time writing to you....
    Actually I was a Li'l busy with in My vacations doing some courses and trainings....
    So How's you feeling.... I always admire you for your poems....they are just wonderful....

    Take care
    Elton Jain

  2. The incessant it does abound! I love how you use the wind as your vehicle in so many of your poems. The contrast of the silence at the end is so sad! Beautiful, as usual!!

  3. Sometimes silence reveals something in itself to you. And if the answer is not there today, be reminded of Rilke's wisdom: Live the questions now. Someday perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.

  4. Elton Jain, Good to hear from you. I stopped by and left a note. Keep it going!

    Karen, The wind carries many a message to my heart... to hear and to be heard - thank you for your listening.

    Here Under the Rainbow, Yes, this I have come to know. The words you have chosen express it so very well - Thank you for this gift of Rilke's wisdom.