Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And the Mask

Reveal, I hear this night command
Cloak not the quiver of shadow close at hand
Remove pretense and the mask donned to conceal
The TRUTH, the deep knowing, this while knowing real
Confront and resolve, the petition summons a call
Beyond all consideration, TRUTH to lay bear ALL
To the plea of this petition I do heed
And TRUTH be ever my rightful creed.

Rose Marie Raccioppi



  1. So many sorts of truths, some to reveal gently, some to blazon. All to heed.

  2. Dear Karen,

    So many sorts of truths,
    some to reveal gently,
    some to blazon.
    All to heed.

    Beyond deception
    And illusion dark
    The hand of TRUTH
    Ever to lead.

    Thank you dear Karen. Welcome back - but then you were never away - always present where ever you are...

  3. Wow! Such powerful words about truth and so very true.

  4. Hi Rose Marie:)

    Lovely short and sweet poem with amazing clarity about truth.

    Truth is a very rare commodity these days. Every one wants to hide truth although it is well known that truth will always prevail.

    In this connection you might be interested to know that Mahatma Gandhi wrote a book - MY EXPERIMENTs WITH TRUTH.

    Many thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts.

    Have a nice day Rose:)

  5. Choices and Joseph, The joys of a mutual visit are ever so real today. Thank you for your visit here and thank you for your special offerings.

  6. Rose Marie,
    I would be pleased to have you as a follower. I would like to do the same.Thank you for your beautiful comments on my blog.

  7. I've never written a collaborative poem before, Rose Marie! I'm smiling that you can turn anything into poetry.

  8. Karen, I too have a smile. Your comment is not far afield from one my sons have made. Something may be said, they see the glint in my eye, and the non verbalized 'mmmmmmmm' and then they will exclaim something to the effect, "OK here she goes."

    My grandson and I have fun with what we have come to call, "Poetry Patter." (a bit of PP along the way) When traveling in the car, we spot something, call it out and then we are to create a rhyming response, silly, fun, something real, imagined, totally 'whatever'...

  9. Mail, Thank you for your visit - I always look forward to the opportunity to reciprocate, but thus far I am not able to gain access to your blog. Do however, stop by anytime. Best always, Rose Marie