Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Battle of the Huns

Sword to sword Soul to soul

Spirit and life to bear the toll
Revenge, regret and warring heart
From God's grace do they depart
Spirit hovers in the dark shadow of despair
Vacant of God's grace and knowing care
In defiance of life's fervent call
To be at peace, one with one and All.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

In Tribute
The Battle of the Huns, symphonic poem by Franz Liszt, (1857) arr. Matthew Cameron

Hunnenschlacht, (The Battle of the Huns) Wilhelm von Kaulbach, German, 1805 – 1874.
The painting that inspired the symphonic poem of the same name by
Franz Liszt , depicts the battle of the Catalaunian Fields in 451 A.D., where the Hun armies led by Attila fought a savage battle against a Roman coalition led by Roman General Flavius AĆ«tius and the Visigothic king Theodoric. According to legend, the battle was so ferocious that the souls of the dead warriors continued their fighting in the sky as they rose to Heaven.

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