Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Charm Carver

The Charm Carver of which Madeline tells
I heed his words so very well
Of time and people he does speak
Of dreams and hopes they do seek
He looks deep within each heart
And from there his charm has its start
The magic and mystery of each one's way
A charm he carves to convey
A heart to open, a soul to heal
Love be known and newly real
The Charm Carver's word I to hold
Within 'tis my very story told
A charm he carves and makes it mine
And known is the glory of the sublime.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

"And in the days that followed he filled me with the wonder of his world, and answered questions that rose in me like steam from a simmering pot. And when he had carved his last and rowed back out to sea, my eyes saw then a different world and my soul became filled with new beginnings."

"Gazing In" from The Charm Carver, David Shuch
, Integrative Arts Press, 2005.

The Bench by the Sea, Eyre Crowe, English, 1824-1910, Oil, Exhibited: Royal Academy, 1872.


  1. The book is indeed a real charmer! "The Charm Carver" is pure inspiration. Do treat yourself to its delight.