Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Little Hands

Wonder and question

so fills the day
Objects and toys
for fun filled play
Little hands make light
of furrow and frown
Within their soul
they wear the King's Crown
Upon their throne
of majesty and light
They create a world
of magic and delight.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Portrait relief of children, Ellen Mary Rope, sculptor (1855-1934), 1898.


  1. Your poem is the picture of childhood and all the fun and delight and magical moments they create. I love the part when you state " within their
    soul , they wear the King's crown." the most majestic and beautiful picture of God's great creation, children. Thank you for the sculpture By Ellen Mary Rope. I think I stared at it for an hour and just saw the fun and creativity of child's play. It not only made me smile, it made me giggle.

  2. I have chosen not to give up the "childlike" wonder, delight, curiosity and determination. One of my mentors stated that we were not to loose the might and faith of a five year old, if we expected to live our lives lovingly and abundantly. Willing to risk, willing to explore, willing to create, to sing, dance, play, imagine, and revel in just Being... and so I remain a happy camper! In gratitude to anyone who chooses to skip, hop, bounce, leap, jump along this path, this journey called life!!