Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Awakened Muse

The awakened Muse in God's spirit known
By the glory, beauty, splendor ever shown
The warm rising Sun for newness and light
The waxing Moon for faith's inner sight
Each bloom of Spring but a beckoning call
For the rebirth of life within each and All
Music and artistry 'tis nature's grace divine
Muse inspired note, form, structure and line
The music, the words, the poem's soulful plea
The drawing, the painting, the sculpture free
These gifts of purpose, goal, will and intent
The summon of the Muse with God's blessings sent
And when the Word sparks a thought of joy and rhyme
A wind's whisper, a bird's song, the day, the night be mine
Sky, land, mountain, stream, lake, river and sea
A palette of color, mood, bequeathed in guise to me
The vision, the dream now anew in God's Word
The Muse's entreat to follow, to follow, now heard
Line, form, sound, color, structure ever in creation
And so the awakened Muse in devoted revelation.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Rottenhammer, Hans, Deutsch, Oil on canvas, Minerva and the Muses, 1603.


  1. Now that you have defines Muse for me. This poem takes on new meaning and understanding. Your inspiration and message felt compels you to write so beautifully. You give great honor to God not only in your praise of him in pen but in obeying the call. This poem is you, I can actually feel your spirit awakened and see why you are gifted to see all His creation so powerfully....The depth of your heart and movement in spirit are depicted in this poem. again,I love the picture that accompanies it...It speaks volume to me ...I can envision where in Genesis talks about God's children. these pictures of spirit's in human form are delightful and their presense give way to peace in my mind.

  2. In our hearts is meant to stay
    A bit of frolic and readiness to play...

    Thank you for your joy known.

    Rose Marie

  3. This post causes me to see the digression of man in his attempt to out smart evolution. If that makes any sense.

  4. Help me to understand what you mean by, "to out smart evolution." Your perspective is appreciated.